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How to Pair Coffee with Food

If we could all survive on a diet of only coffee or tea, I’m sure we would. However, we need to have suitable sustenance when having our morning cup in the AM. We’ve complied some delectable pairs for all of your coffee and tea consumption. But first, let’s review a couple strategies when pairing coffee and teas with foods.

For pairing your morning beverage, the simplest and most common strategy is complimenting or mirroring the flavor profile of the beverage. You can find descriptions on most items that read: fruity, sweet, sour, spices, nutty, or floral. Some descriptions are more specific with details such as almond, plum, anise, or jasmine. Not all coffees will match our outline below exactly. Your most precise clues are in the descriptions of the product! And like cooking, match flavor pairings you commonly find in recipes such as nutmeg and cinnamon or poultry and light soups.

We have broken up light and medium roast coffees to be just a little more specific.

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How to Pair Coffee with Food

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